I had no idea how much impact paint would have on my room and everything in it. DW selected a color that made my art work and furniture pop off the wall. It’s so much nicer to be in that room now and all of the rooms that are open to it. It’s the wall you see when you open the front door and move from one room to another, so it’s important. It was hard for me to pick a color that would work with everything, but it’s perfect.

After I saw what DW did with the dining room, I wanted to see what improvements she could make in the master bedroom. I didn’t know what it was or how to correct it, but something was off. She took my furniture, without adding one piece, and just by rearranging it, corrected whatever was wrong. Once the basics were taken care of, I was inspired. I found a comforter that I liked and asked Dawn to select a paint and carpet color to work with it. Not only did the paint and carpet bring the beauty of the bedding pattern and color out, but it also made the furniture look better. I really enjoy both rooms now!


I have a difficult floor plan. When you enter, you stare into a room that by definition will be messy several times a day. Not only that, but the room doesn‘t have a door, so whatever state it’s in is the first thing guests or family see. The main living area adjacent is too narrow. It flows into three separate rooms that are also too small and broken-up to place furniture in a way that results in a comfortable space that you can relax in.

DW’S space plan addressed all of these issues and others. A small, inexpensive, incredibly clever solution changed the view as guests walked in and also created a nice focal point as well as an entry-like space where there had never been one. That was just one of the problems she solved!


DW does beautiful work. She does it all, from placing furniture in the perfect spot, to selecting just the right size furniture, style, fabrics and accessories that bring it all together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dawn- she’s great to work with. She really cares. She really wants the room to be beautiful for you, and she succeeds.


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