Online Interior Decorating

Stumped on how to give your space a fresh or entirely new look? Whether your focus is on one area of your home or a redesign of every room, you’ve picked a great place to get started. Dwell Well Interiors, L.L.C. is an online service offering a wide range of custom digital design options available to clients nation-wide. Below is a list of makeover plans tailored to meet the needs, space, vision and budget of hopefully all who seek to improve their space. If you require something other than the following options, please contact DW.

Whether it’s a few quick changes or a complete home renovation, everyone should get the quality service and personalized design they need – and want – without breaking the bank. The extent of your makeover is determined by you: your room and budget may call for just a little attention in one-or a few areas- and not permit or require an entire makeover. With this in mind DW want’s everyone to be able to get what they need, or need for now.

Custom Paint PaletteFurniture LayoutEnhancing Wall ArtWindow TreatmentsAccessories
Repaint to Refresh

Space Plan Design

Enhancing Your Vision
$250 – And Up*

Distinct Windows 
$200 – And Up*

Finishing Touches
$250 – And Up*

All of the Above 

Working With DW

Considering one of the makeover plans but not sure about the costs? No worries! When you read “and up” when referring to the price for a particular service, it is out of fairness. DW will charge you only for the work to be done. If you have one window, you will not be charged for a roomful of windows. Similarly, regarding art, if you have a few pieces, DW will charge you to arrange them only, versus a substantial collection that requires more time and planning to place attractively. If you choose any of the services that say, “and up,” you will receive a quote once your information is received. In fairness to DW, the pricing above is for the average room, if the project involves more, you will also receive a quote. That way, you know exactly what your project will cost before the design begins.

If you would like to give any of the above services as a gift-DW would love to help you. Simply decide which gift you would like to give and let DW know, and together we’ll surprise someone with a truly special gift.

Online Interior Decorating

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