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When planning a project with DW, a lot of different questions may come up during the process. You’ll find the most frequently asked questions answered below. Still need additional information? Feel free to visit DW’s Contact Page to get the answers.

What is involved in the design process?

So that you pay only for DW design time, you measure and photograph the space, fill out a questionnaire, and send photos of rooms and designs you love along with a brief description of why. Additional information, such as your budget, along with what you are trying to achieve in the space functionally and aesthetically, will help DW get to work. Depending on which design service you require, you will either receive the solution via email or mail.

A truly good design, one that addresses your expressed desires happens when your designer knows you. So, include whatever you think will be helpful: what you like/dislike about the current space/design, whether you prefer a fresh new look often or if you prefer a timelessly classic look, or a combination. Anything that clarifies what type of environment you prefer and how you want to use it, is pertinent.

How do I measure/photograph my home so that a scaled space-plan can be created from my measurements/photos?

Once you sign up with DW, you will be provided detailed instructions on how to measure the space, and how to photograph it, so that DW has a real feel for your home. It’s easy!

When can I expect my design?

Once DW receives the info, photos, measurements, and the design questionnaire from you, please allow between 4 – 6 weeks. If you need the design sooner, a nominal expediting service fee will be added.

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