Finishing Touches

A few select accessories can transform a room, and infuse it with your personality. Maybe your space needs just a few well-place accessories to bring it to life, and make the space your own.

Furniture can make your home comfortable, functional, even beautiful, but the accessories can make or break the space. Without them, the room is incomplete and not necessarily yours. A chair your grandfather made for your grandmother makes the space yours, but the smaller objects, pictures, mementos, sculptures are just as important.

Any accessory can reveal your interests or what is important to you: one of the first photographs you took that led to a lifelong beloved hobby, or your childhood Christmas picture* that brings back wonderful memories: red outfit, trim around the neckline and twirl-lee skirt hem that your mother created just for you when you got a glimpse of how important you were to her, and she to you.

All of these things are insignificant to anyone else, but they make your space especially yours.

*Photo UN-available**

**Note well, sibling. Need I remind you of your prom pic??

I thought not.

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