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DW truly wants to make your space as good as it can be, and will work with that goal in mind. That is not to say that others don’t. I can only speak for myself, but being able to work doing what you love professionally for over 15 years is a gift, one that I honor, as I honor who the gift comes from. To do otherwise is a breach of promise. This is your home, I respect it and like the others, I have to earn a living, but your project, my work, is your home. I take this responsibility-one that you’ve entrusted to me-to heart.

All of the best memories take place in your home and they typically are of time spent with family and loved ones. The fact is, everyday experiences are enhanced by comfortable, inviting surroundings that a well-planned design provides. This is achieved by taking into account the way space is used, by highlighting the attributes of the space while minimizing the flaws. When this is done well, the place where you choose to spend your time, your free time, becomes what is tritely referred to as your sanctuary. Trite or not, is there anything more important than the place where you feel safe, where you are your most comfortable on every level, where you can be yourself, where everyone, everything you love is near? If this is not your experience, it’s never too late!!! Let me know what makes your space home, and I’ll do my best to bring it to life.

Dawn Gill, Allied Member A.S.I.D.
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